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Zebu Men's Full Sleeve Cotton Blend Sweater with Hoodie and Pocket( Pack Of 1).

₹ 570

₹ 1,499


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Zebu Men's Full Sleeve Cotton Blend Sweater with Hoodie and Pocket (Pack of 1).


 Color: Grey

 Fabric: 100%cotton

 Type: sweatshirts & hoodies

 Style: blouson

 Design Type: Blouson

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bull; Hooded sweater with pocket full sleeve and typography printbull; We recommend you buy a size largerSometimes a comfort sweater is all we need to rouse our spirits. Here, we introduce Zebu Full Sleeve Cotton Blend Sweater with Hoodie and Pocket. It is made up of high quality rich cotton blend yarn with soft flow dyeing for long lasting quality. This has wide range of colors manufactured from the most experienced hands with lot of care. Cotton has good breath ability, moisture content. This fabric absorbs sweat easily and releases it outside which evaporates into the atmosphere. The garment does not remain wet unlike other clothing material. It keeps the body cool in heat and warm in cold. This ultimately helps in performance improvement as it helps in keeping the wearer comfortable. Cotton fabric rarely causes allergic reactions and wearing cotton is often recommended for those with skin allergies.

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